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Tiny projectors for PDAs

I’ve always wanted a tiny, low-res, low-power projector mounted to my PDA. Looks like my wish will come true… eventually. PDALive is pointing to Upstream Engineering’s plan to ship a small(portable tv sized) projector in 2005 which will eventually shrink to the size of a matchbox.

A more vaporware version is in NEC’s P-ISM concept package.

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Software I would like to see for PalmOS 5

  • Interactive Worksheets for grades 1-3.
  • EasyType apparently doesn’t work for OS 5. Would allow people to use PS2 keyboards(including one handed, chordic keyboards) with OS 5 devices.
  • Macromedia Flash Player for non-Clie devices.
  • Opera Web Browser.
  • Low bit-rate video streaming over wifi.
  • Slideshow module for AppShelf launcher.
  • A PalmOS driver for the software that drives those external lcd screens that modders add to their PCs. (see )
  • A palm web server(palmhttpd is outdated and doesn’t run well on the Tungsten C) that lets you access your pda’s expansion cards with a web browser.

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