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Photography Hacks (HDR and Content-Aware-Resizing)

Gordon posted a new HDR photo and it looks great. Meanwhile, he also found an app that utilizes the content aware image resizing concept that was demonstrated a few months ago.

Catching up after a busy October!

October has been busy. I’ve kept a list of things to write about, but there hasn’t been much time to do so. Rather than keep the list to myself, here’s a quick preview of each topic.

  • At Homestead, we suffered a major outage. Websites were still available, but customers couldn’t edit for many hours. It was by far the worst outage we’ve had. And we’re really sorry! Justin has several informative posts on the topic, including this one. Thanks to all of our customers for understanding and thanks to everyone I work with for the incredible teamwork involved in getting things back in order (especially you, Sangeeta!).
  • My new computer is still performing well. Battlefield 2142 is great!
  • The Logitech MX Revolution mouse I bought this month is great, but I’m unhappy that the thumbwheel isn’t in any way an analog mechanism.
  • A few of us were on a business trip this weekend. I like my LG CU320 phone in general, but I’m getting really annoyed with it’s limited email capabilities.
  • My sister and brother in law just adopted a child named Zander from Korea. I can’t wait to meet him!
  • My son loves the Coldplay episode of Austin City Limits.

Zazzle: impressions after two custom t-shirt purchases

Zazzle is:

At Zazzle, you can share and celebrate your interests and passions with unique one-of-a-kind products from apparel to greeting cards! Whether those interests are pets, family, collecting, art, cars, or sports, you’ve found the place to express your creativity and share what is uniquely you! It’s easy, fun, and affordable. And thanks to our start-of-the-art reproduction techniques and unparalleled customer support, you’re sure to be delighted by the results. Now…prepare to be Zazzled!

I ordered two shirts from Zazzle. The first was a tribute to Avenue Q. It said “Say NO to SchadenfreudE” on the front and “Avenue Q” on the back. The t-shirt was men’s large black, with orange text. The font I chose (from a wide selection) was very Battlestar Gallactica.

That shirt turned out great and I like to wear it, but it was only a very basic test of what Zazzle can do.

The second shirt I bought was a green medium kids t-shirt with the ID symbol for Dalek Sec of the Cult of Skaro from Doctor Who: Doomsday. I ordered the shirt on Sunday and it was delivered on Tuesday. The graphic I used was a 100×50 png image I drew based on the show.

I guess the outer edge on my original had some translucency which created an excellent effect on the final product. The lines on the inside of the symbol are very clean against the green of the shirt, but the outside sort of fades nicely into the green. If I wanted clean edges, I could have edited the image to remove that translucency, but I took a risk leaving it in and it really payed off.

Anyway, great job Zazzle!!!

Update: Glen F sent me corrected spellings for the Daleks from the Cult of Skaro: “The cult is made up of Dalek CAAN, Dalek RABE, Dalek SEC & Dalek THAY”. Thanks Glen!