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Redirects, Permalinks, Old Blogs and whatnot

This is just a heads up – All of the permalinks on this blog from December, 2005 are now broken.  I changed the permalink naming scheme to ease the process of redirecting(301, of course) everything from my old blog.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Duplicate Items in Engadget Feeds?

UPDATE: Ryan from Engadget says: We’re aware of the issue and are working as quickly as possible to correct it. Thanks for your patience!

Here is the problem report I submitted to Engadget:

Hi there!

I’ve been seeing a lot of entries from Engadget reappear over and over recently(as updated items and as new items) in my aggregator(I’m using Gregarius), so I did a little digging.

There are at least two problems with your feed.

1) The order of attributes for your html tags changes over time, causing aggregators to think an item has changed. Specifically, the alt tag for images in items changes position in a given item, even though nothing else has changed.

2) This may be a one time thing. I noticed that some items in my database for engadget items have a permalink starting with and others, with the same content start with – I assume this happened once and the problem will go away.

This file has 4 items from my aggregator’s database that refer to the same content. If you compare 1.txt with 3.txt, you will notice problem #1 mentioned above. If you compare 1.txt with 2.txt, you will notice problem #2 mentioned above.

Thanks for your time.


Alaska Air Flight #536: A Report from Jeremy Herrmans

Jeremy’s report is fascinating.  He and the others on the flight(crew included) must have been terrified.  At least as interesting, to me, as the near-disaster is the battle in the comments on his post between his defenders and those who think he’s either a liar or a wimp.  It’s incredible how rude some people can be.  Also, Jeremy is showing great restraint(as with all blog software these days, he has the ability to delete comments before anyone sees them – and yet he’s approved TONS of negative comments).

To those that say he is over-reacting or a wimp: Personally, a loud bang, followed by depressurization, followed by the masks, followed by an odor that resembles burning would scare the crap out of me, too.

And those that say he’s a liar?  Some of the first people to call him dishonest made those comments from an IP address attached to Alaska Air.  Nice.

I’m glad he and the others are safe and I’m glad he filed his report for us all to believe and/or sympathize with.  Meanwhile, I totally agree that the baggage handler is at fault and AK Air is not necessarily at fault.  I’ll continue to fly Alaska when I visit my family in Anchorage.

TODO for my blog

  • Add recent comments to the sidebar.
  • About me box with links to Homestead and friends.
  • Automated post, once a week, that summarizes my recent bookmarks and my Gregarius stickies.