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I love Google Reader, too.

I haven’t visited my Gregarius install in days – I feel like a traitor, but Reader is too well done! As Scoble says, Google Reader is getting really good. They do need to add: reorder feeds with drag and drop, easily post to my blog with a linked quote from Google Reader items and easily push an item to (all shared items, actually).

I’ve started using the sharing key. Here are my shared items: page, feed. I would like to add a blurb for each shared item, but that’s not a huge issue.

The library clips blog explained the ‘next bookmarklet’ more clearly than Google Reader’s help. “Another amazing feature is the Next bookmarklet, drag this to your links bar…whenever you are on the web and want to read new items on your Google Reader, you don’t even have to launch it. Just click “next” and that brings you to the native blog post of your newest unread item, then click next again, and again…reading your unread posts, like turning pages of a book (NOTE: these posts are automatically marked as read).” OK – I’ve GOT to try THAT!

I’ll have to add some new items to the list of features at AggCompare. For instance, clipping, nextNative. Also, AgileRSS just added a news ticker feature, so I’ll add that for comparison.

Introducing Aggregator Watch!

AggCompare is moving along (slowly) and it’s time to start collecting feedback and contributors for its sister site, AggWatch. While AggCompare is a place for the community to document the specs of the current crop of Feed Readers, AggWatch is intended to be a place where posts from passionate Aggregator users are collected.

For now, my inspiration is Planet Solaris. My goal would be to have a similar weight given to the individual contributors. Discussion would not happen on AggWatch, but on individual contributors’ blogs, unless the contributors request otherwise.

If you think your blog is a good fit for AggWatch, please submit it to this form.

I also encourage Aggregator creators to submit news feeds for their products. News from the application providers will appear in a sidebar.

As always, please feel free to discuss ideas and concerns about AggWatch in the comments section of this post or in the form on the AggWatch page if you desire privacy.


Added supports_microsoft_rss_platform to per this conversation.

We need a generic aggregator synching system with which.  Period.  Why shouldn’t I be able to use 5 different aggregators(1 for phone, 1 for desktop, 1 for pda, 1 for home, 1 for travel)-OK, that’s overkill, from 5 different vendors?


No two RSS Aggregators are the same. Features that seem core in one aggregator are far down on the feature list for another. It’s hard to make a choice. Enter It’s only a few hours old and I still have a lot of plans for it, but it’s ready to start storing the data. Please head over there and enter a profile of your favorite Aggregator.

If you have any feature requests or if you think it’s missing some important criteria, let me know in the comments section of this post.

Update: Praneet(in the comments) is right, of course. I need to put descriptions on each of the criteria. One task that’s going to be a real hassle is naming and describing the various view types. For instance, I always felt like Gregarius and FeedLounge both have River of News views, but Dave(who coined the term) noted today that River of News is not just a merging of the feeds, chronologically, but it also means no feed list on the side. Maybe it would help to have some 80×80 icons that appear when you mouse over the name of a view in the AggCompare edit mode and in the list mode.