Archive | February 2006

Om’s on fire

Paul Stone found a reference to Google Calendar and Om has more info.

The Origami plot thickens with the found video and Om chastizes Palm for not doing it first (I totally agree).

The Real Microsoft Origami?

Well, it didn’t take long for someone to find a prototype commercial for the Origami device. It’s like the Nokia Internet Tablet, but probably more powerful and probably runs XP. Now the mystery is how much it will cost….

Update: Check out Neowin’s coverage.  And lots of stills + mpg version of the video here.

Mysteries On My Mind

What is Origami? Is it a pda? Is it a microPC? Is it a phone? Is it a portable media player? Is it a gaming platform? NetworkWorld says it is definitely an ultra portable lifestyle pc. Maybe it isn’t even a device…. The best discussions on this topic are at scoble’s site and designtastesgood. Not much at wikipedia yet. ARGN doesn’t seem to have declared it an ARG. There is no discussion of it on their forums, so far.

What is Kevin Burton’s new blog idea? His track record is awesome, so far. What’s he got up his sleeve?!

What is Apple introducing on February 28? There’s a humorous idea at timshead and some lively discussion at ThinkSecret.