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iPodLinux for Generation 4 iPods – DONATE

I contributed some $ to the iPodLinux project to encourage them to port iPodLinux to the Generation 4 version. It already runs on G1, G2 and G3 devices. If you have a Mini or a G4, consider donating, too. Click on the donate link on this page. Don’t let the non-english verbage on the donation page scare you. “Zahlung für:” is asking what the payment is for(donation), “Betrag:” is asking how many Euros you want to donate. One dollar is currently .77 Euros, according to PayPal.

Smart Playlist for Podcasts

The genre issue is a real pain. Adam touched on it in one of his podcasts, suggesting that everyone change the genre of their podcasts to “podcast”. Until that happens, I’ve created a smart playlist in iTunes that matches on genres of “podcast”, “spoken word”, “speech”, “books and spoken”, “audiobooks”, and blank.

Shopping List

Extra iPod USB cable or dock (for home)
3 60mm case fans with gaskets
On/Off mechanism for the fans
Y power cables for the fans

Palmtop Podcast Recording Studio?

ZOOM PS04 Palmtop Studio

Lots of them on EBay… does anyone have any experience with them?

Nintendo DS Launch Titles vs Hardware Shortage

I really want to preorder the Nintendo DS to guarantee that I’ll have it on day 1. The problem is that I’m not 100% sure that I’ll have fun with the launch titles.

IGN has a list of titles that will be available at or soon after launch. Given that none of my coworkers plan to purchase the DS right away, games like Metroid: Hunters(multi-player only) don’t automatically make the decision for me. BUT, what will the Wifi game lobby look like? My decision to buy hinges on that question.