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A BUG? Where?!

Travis alerted me to the fact that all of my links are being stripped out by Bloglines. That is WHACK! I’ll figure it out this weekend.

WOW UI Customization

FYI, I settled on just sidebar and bottombar mods. I’ll post links later to those specific mods. Here are a couple more that I want to try soon:

Cooldown HUD – During combat will show icons above character – by default, they are movable with “/cooldownhud setup” showing the icons for spells currently awaiting cooldown. Disappears entirely when combat ends. Less watching the actionbar, and is closer to the action on the screen.

MapNotes – Post #9 in that list.

Quest Text – faster quest text.

XP Crashes

My XP PC is crashing when I play games and when I click ‘advanced’ in the system display properties applet. I’m going to try the solution mentioned here.

UPDATE: FYI, I updated my bios, uninstalled ATI drivers, re-installed directx, installed ATI drivers. Fixed. I also ran memtest-86 and found no problems with my RAM.

World of Warcraft

Got it today. HOT HOT HOT!
Here is a list of mods that I want to try out when I get a chance:
smartpet (discussion)
Also, I need to get a DVI to VGA adapter so I can run with dual monitors, windowed.
More Mods

MiniMac = Video On Demand STB?

Cringely thinks we’ll be buying movies over broadband using a Mac Mini plugged into our HDTV (or using the SVIDEO adapter). Wow!

The Silicon Valley 100

This month, 100 of Silicon Valley’s top venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, bloggers and promoters will begin receiving cool new stuff for free, delivered straight to their homes and offices. In return, these movers and shakers promise to sample the products and offer feedback to the their manufacturers. The companies hope that, if the mood strikes, the Silicon Valley 100 will chat up, blog on, or just plain recommend the products to friends and colleagues, generating that most invaluable of currencies: buzz.

Netscape founder Marc Andreessen is on the list. Venture capitalists Tim Draper, Stewart Alsop, Aileen Lee, Igor Sill, Bill Gurley and Ron Conway are too. Yahoo vice president Katie Mitic, Siebel Systems cofounder Pat House and Electronic Arts senior vice president Rusty Rueff are among the 100. So are technology-event promoters Esther Dyson, Tim O’Reilly, Tiffany Shlain and Chris Shipley. A local radio personality nicknamed Hooman appears, as does a young San Francisco club promoter named Trevor Hewitt. Sean Parker, one of the cofounders of Napster, also made the cut.

Someone PLEASE set up a feed for the SV100. I wonder if they would standardize on a prefix for subject lines of posts that refer to these products….