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A BUG? Where?!

Travis alerted me to the fact that all of my links are being stripped out by Bloglines. That is WHACK! I’ll figure it out this weekend.

WOW UI Customization

FYI, I settled on just sidebar and bottombar mods. I’ll post links later to those specific mods. Here are a couple more that I want to try soon:

Cooldown HUD – During combat will show icons above character – by default, they are movable with “/cooldownhud setup” showing the icons for spells currently awaiting cooldown. Disappears entirely when combat ends. Less watching the actionbar, and is closer to the action on the screen.

MapNotes – Post #9 in that list.

Quest Text – faster quest text.

XP Crashes

My XP PC is crashing when I play games and when I click ‘advanced’ in the system display properties applet. I’m going to try the solution mentioned here.

UPDATE: FYI, I updated my bios, uninstalled ATI drivers, re-installed directx, installed ATI drivers. Fixed. I also ran memtest-86 and found no problems with my RAM.

World of Warcraft

Got it today. HOT HOT HOT!
Here is a list of mods that I want to try out when I get a chance:
smartpet (discussion)
Also, I need to get a DVI to VGA adapter so I can run with dual monitors, windowed.
More Mods