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New MacBooks Hate 3rd Party RAM

I wish someone (TUAW, DF, MR, MW, AT, etc) would start reporting on the problem that the new MacBooks have with 3rd Party RAM. Apple customers are getting frustrated.

See my post on the topic or the discussion thread (122 replies) at Apple’s site for more info.

UPDATE: Slashgear picked up the story.

New Blog / Old Blog

I moved my blog. It is now hosted by Same url, though, so almost everything should work the same as it used to (including the feed).

Images in most posts are broken. I can think of a few ways to fix that, but I might not bother.

The theme I was using isn’t supported on I’ll customize that later.

iPhone Apps

Here are the iPhone apps I currently have installed and my thoughts on them. Note: I delete apps that I’ve tried and have decided not to use.

Bottom Bar:




Safari (Web Browser)

Page 1:


Tweetsvile: I like this better than the others (Twitterrific, Twittelator, Twinkle) mainly because it automatically downloads a lot more tweets than the others. I rely on that functionality because I usually only check twitter 3 times per week. A nice feature addition would be to track which tweet I last read and start me there when the app opens. Haven’t played much with Tweetie, yet, but I hear that’s also a great app.

fring: I haven’t used this, yet, but I hear it’s a great multi-IM-protocol chat application.



Web shortcut to Google Reader Mobile




Google Mobile

Yelp: I love this app.

Stocks: This app would be much more useful if it updated in the background.

Wikipanion: Best of the Wikiperia browser apps.

PCalc: Bought this mostly for the paper tape functionality. Very handy to look at past calculations.



Page 2:

Things: Great TODO app. The pairing / syncing feature is well designed – syncs with Things on my MacBook.

iTalk: Cool voice recorder app. I would use voice recording on the iPhone much more if there was a button on the phone that triggered it. Perhaps Apple could let us choose which app to load when a user double clicks the home button.


WordPress: Haven’t posted much from the road. But maybe.

ShoZu: Another app that I haven’t really used. The promise is that it integrates with Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, WordPress, etc.


Shazam: Very handy for telling you what song you just heard on the radio.




Web shortcut to Flickr Mobile

App Store


Ocarina: The globe browser is a very nice touch.

TatomicLite: Similar to lumines in a lot of ways. Like lumines, though, I wish it became difficult faster.

Word Warp: Fun word game. Wish the words were clickable and could show you each word’s definition.

Page 3:

Doppler: Best offline browser for Google Reader on the iPhone.

Deliveries: Track FedEx, UPS, etc.

Jaadu: VNC client. Takes a little time to get used to the interface, but otherwise excellent.

FileMagnet: Don’t use this much. Could be useful for file transfers and reading docs on the go. Typically, I use email for those tasks, so I haven’t given FileMagnet a solid try.


OpenTable: Haven’t had a need to use this. It came out earlier this week.


WebMD: Just in case.

Phone Aid: First Aid. Just in case.

Web Shortcut to iGoogle: Never use this. Might delete it. Wine ratings/reviews. I get an error every time I try to use this app. Will probably delete it soon.

FieldRunners: Fun tower-defense game.

GasBag: Gas prices locally.

Dual Level: Mine is not calibrated correctly, but will be useful next time I hang something.

Cube: Tech demo. s’ok.

Frenzic: Extremely difficult game. Though, I might be playing it wrong.

Page 4:

Web Shortcut to Fuelly: I’m behind on entering my mileage. Might need to start from scratch.

Stanza: Nice ebook reader. Since the colors are configurable, you don’t need to stare at black on white.

Geocaching: Haven’t used this much, but felt the need to pick it up.


Colors: Generates color schemes based on photographs. It’s fun. Really.

TideGraph: Beth and the kids like to go tidepooling.

Google Earth: Overkill.

IGN Reviews: GameRankings and IGN’s site are not iPhone friendly. This app takes you right to the meat.

Firewall: Another tower-defense game.

Toy Bot 2, touchPhysics, JellyCar – games I thought I’d like but don’t. Yet.

Exposure: Cool Flickr app. Lately, though, Flickr Mobile is just right for me.

BigOven: A recipe app. Haven’t used it, yet.

SnapTell: Take a picture of a box and SnapTell will tell you about the product inside. It recognized my Fable II box.

Page 5:

Bloom: Surreal music generator. Charlie likes it.

Strategic Assault: Rough around the edges, but a decent alpha attempt at an RTS.

Galcon Lite: Fun game.





Gas Cubby

MacBook TrackPad Update

FYI, I did experience the trackpad lost clicks issue and it was driving me nuts. The new update fixed the issue (for me) completely.

iPhone Wish List

I put this in a comment this morning, but it really deserves its own post.

Loving the iphone. Still, some issues:

1. The browser crashes a lot.

2. Mail has no search functionality.

3. No copy/paste.

4. No video streaming options other than youtube.

5. Calendar functionality does not have an invite others feature.

6. I’d like to sync via Wifi

7. You can’t download podcasts directly to the phone (coming soon)

8. The screen by screen app launcher navigation doesn’t work when you have 70+ apps. It needs to be hierarchical.

9. No background Google / AIM / Jabber chat application.

10. There is no background-download rss feed reader.