iPhone Wish List

I put this in a comment this morning, but it really deserves its own post.

Loving the iphone. Still, some issues:

1. The browser crashes a lot.

2. Mail has no search functionality.

3. No copy/paste.

4. No video streaming options other than youtube.

5. Calendar functionality does not have an invite others feature.

6. I’d like to sync via Wifi

7. You can’t download podcasts directly to the phone (coming soon)

8. The screen by screen app launcher navigation doesn’t work when you have 70+ apps. It needs to be hierarchical.

9. No background Google / AIM / Jabber chat application.

10. There is no background-download rss feed reader.

2 responses to “iPhone Wish List”

  1. Eric Albert says :

    Hey there — can you do me a favor and mail me one of your browser crashes? They’ll be in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/[iPhone name] on your desktop. Any one will do. Thanks!

  2. Jonathan Greene says :

    Seems like the same list of issues we\’ve had since the beginning … unfortunately. I\’m looking to the OTA updates on podcasts, might be enough to get me one of the newer higher capacity iPod Touch units

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