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Video Clip of Kyria and ZOZO’s on Food Network’s Road Tasted

I’ve already mentioned the appearance a few times. Here is the video of my sister showing off her Mint Brownie Gelato. And check these links if you want to buy some of her gourmet ice cream ONLINE or if you want to visit ZOZO’s Fresh Food Diner in NYC!

Thanks, Kris, for making the recording the show!

Kyria’s Ice Cream and ZOZO’s on Food Network – TOMORROW NIGHT!

My sister Kyria will be on Road Tasted, a food network show tomorrow night (8/22/06). Details:

I’m really excited!

Justin’s Blog – CEOUnplugged

Justin (our CEO at Homestead) is doing a great job with his blog. I wonder if he read Robert’s and Shel’s book, yet…

Some things I’m looking forward to:

  • Frequently, Justin tells stories about interactions he’s had with customers. I’d love to see some of those stories on his blog.
  • He often has interesting comments about conferences he attends. I’m sure those observations will creep in.
  • One of Homestead’s most important goals is to be active in community service. Last month we moved from monthly participate-at-your-own-discretion events to quarterly-mandatory-most-of-the-day events. I’m excited about the change, because 100+ participants can have a much bigger impact than a handful. I’d like to see Justin talk about these events and the other community service actions we take. One of my favorites: each employee was given several hundred dollars to donate to charities of their choice (I picked Child’s Play).