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Unlockable Themes in Clear

So, there’s a new iOS Task app in town. Clear has stunning visuals, animations and sounds. I had a blast moving the vast majority of my non-dev tasks into it tonight. More detail at TechCrunch and Shawn’s blog.

One fun feature is unlockable themes.

Update: 7 more unlockable themes (for a total of 15) shipped for Clear on April 23rd. TouchArcade lists the game related themes and CNet has a rundown of the others. I’ve unlocked 5 of the new themes so far. Details follow.

Install The Heist to get a corresponding theme:

This theme is unlocked by installing Bumpy road:

Installing Path gets you:

In Clear’s Settings pane, gift a copy of Clear to another iTunes user to unlock the Gifted theme:

Mark some tasks complete in Clear late at night to get the Night Owl theme:

If you have Tweetbot installed, you get the Tweetbot theme:

If you follow the @UseClear twitter handle from within the Clear app, you get the Scorched theme:

If you enter a ton of tasks and mark them complete, you get the opportunity to tweet about Clear. Do that and you get the Socialite theme:

And here’s a look at the default themes: