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QuickSites by Homestead

We’ve been working on a new product at Homestead and we recently announced it at DEMO 2005. It’s going to help a lot of small businesses get a site off the ground fast. After that, they can use SiteBuilderLPX(which is also very easy to use) to make more sweeping changes if they need to.

Here is some of the DEMO coverage:
Video of Justin(CEO, Vocals/Guitar), Dave(CFO, Guitar), and Thai(VP of Development, Presenter) winning DEMOGod
– Scoble’s take is here and here.
WSJ article
PCMag’s coverage

Level 24 in WOW!

My character is now level 24 in World of Warcraft. A Horde Orc Hunter on Dunemaul, he reached 24 in the Wailing Caverns dungeon. I installed the Karma mod last night and it is invaluable. I was able to make notes on each member of the 2 parties I participated in – this should be part of the built in friends list. It’s a little buggy, so if you use it make sure you reopen the list and verify the changes you made. Often, I found I had to redo the changes, but that didn’t bother me.

After logging out of WOW last night, I read about WOW(I’m hopeless). BattleGrounds looks really awesome. I also read about a few mods that I’d like to try:
MiniPet Leash

Humar, the next pet to tame.

What I REALLY want, though, is a mod that will search the auction house for the 10 or so things I’m looking for and tell me which are currently up for sale..