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Microsoft SideWinder Mouse

Update: Bought a Sidewinder this weekend and it is wonderful! I find myself actually using thumb buttons for once. Also, the mouse is wide and comfortable. It’s nice to see that the container for the weights and alternative feet holds the cord really well. The cord holding feature was clearly not just an afterthought – the holder has a substantial amount of additional heft beyond the mouse weights.

I’m looking forward to the new Microsoft Sidewinder mouse. Not just for gaming, but because of the optimal placement of the thumb buttons. Most mice put the thumb buttons ‘out of the way’, forcing you to reach to press them. The Sidewinder thumb buttons are positioned at your thumb’s resting position, similar to how the left and right buttons are positioned under your fingers.

GotFrag, Official Page.

I’m also looking forward to the competition this represents for logitech. I’m a huge fan of the logitech mice (I own several, including the mx510, the vx nano, and the mx revolution), but I’d love to see even more innovation.

My New Computer

Update: I forgot to mention that I’m running XP, not Windows Vista. I installed Vista RC2 first, but found that all the motherboard software and speedfan didn’t work correctly (for tracking the cpu and motherboard temperatures). Also, my attempt at installing World of Warcraft on Vista RC2 failed. I realize that these problems could have been overcome, probably, but I wasn’t in the mood to compromise with my brand new hardware.

On Friday, I built a new PC with parts I ordered from The components are listed at the bottom of this post. The total was well under $1500, including tax and shipping. The build procedure took more than 5 hours including the OS install – it was well worth it. My new pc is very fast and can handle all the games I tested at excellent speed with lots of beautiful graphics. Here are some thoughts:

  • Second Life character animations are still choppy even with a fast CPU and Graphics card. Am I doing something wrong? I tried Second Life earlier this year and was turned off by the clunky look. I assumed it was my computer, but now that I know that’s normal, I guess I won’t be going back.
  • Installing the heat sink/fan is much less stressful now than it was a few years ago. You don’t have to apply as much pressure. That’s a welcome change. When I built my AMD 2500+ based machine back then, I was afraid I was going to snap the motherboard because I had to press really hard, with a screwdriver, to get the heat sink set up.
  • Battlefield 2142 is amazing.
  • I haven’t tried Oblivion on this PC, yet, but I’m looking forward to it.
  • World of Warcraft runs at 60 FPS with all settings on high in windowed and full screen mode.
  • The case is very quiet. I installed a second 120mm fan and it’s still very quiet. The CPU and motherboard temps stay around 35-39 degrees celsius. The graphics card gets as high as 45 degrees under load.
  • I bought a Logitech MX Revolution wireless mouse last night. More on that later. I love mice.
  • Haven’t overclocked anything, yet.


Portable Mice

I’ve been using the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse since I got my Dell many, many months ago.  It’s fantastic.  I especially like its usb receiver- it snaps right into the mouse so you only have to carry one thing.

Well, a couple months ago I bought an internal Bluetooth upgrade for my laptop and I’ve been looking at Bluetooth mice.  Nothing looked as comfortable or even as portable as the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse.  Today, though, I saw this.  It’s a bluetooth mouse that you stow away, get this, in a PCMCIA card slot.  How cool is that?  There’s nothing to carry around!!!!

Adding a USB port to a USB mouse

(as seen on Make) Jason shows us how to add a usb port to a mouse for plugging in thumb drives.

GE Dual Scroll Mouse

The GE Dual Scroll Mouse has a horizontal scroll wheel and a vertical one. Not as cool as the MightyMouse, but more ergo. Saw it on Jolene’s desk this morning.