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CSS 3D Demos

I’m looking forward to the rollout of CSS 3D to modern desktop web browsers (and, hopefully, mobile web browsers).

This demo (clearly inspired by Cooliris) shows an interactive HTML document being manipulated in 3D.

Simon Fraser has a detailed explanation of CSS 3D’s capabilities.

And here is a video showing off CSS 3D Rotation.

Very cool stuff!

Open more than 8 Safari windows on your iPhone

Just noticed this trick by accident!

Safari on the iPhone normally limits you to 8 windows. This limit is not enforced if you open a url from another app when Safari is not running in the background.


1. Open 8 windows.

2. Hold the square button until Safari disappears (10 seconds). This shuts down the Safari process.

3. Go to Weather and press the Y! icon in the lower left. This will open a new Safari window even if you are over the limit.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 as often as you like to create more windows.

Stuck it on Digg.

Opera changes on the Nokia n800. Compared to the Nokia 770.

The Nokia n800:

Opera Version “8.5 Internal” Build “2.0.31”

The flash version tester says 7.0.0.

The Nokia 770:

Opera Version “8.02 Internal” Build “1.1.50”

The flash version tester says 6.0.82.

The opera.ini file is largely the same between the two versions, however the n800’s cache settings are much higher.

Opera config files – comparing the 770 and the Mylo


  • I changed the user agent spoof – it was originally set to 3 – meaning Opera on the 770 by default pretends to be IE 6.
  • I’ve been using Opera for several days now and the settings may be quite different from the original opera.ini file. Other than the user agent, though, I haven’t directly edited this file.
  • The Mylo ini file is from an unknown source and may or may not be the default settings for that device.
  • I sorted the sections of the Mylo’s ini so that they were in basically the same order as the sections in my opera.ini to make comparisons easier. The unsorted version is here (original source) and here (backup).

The opera.ini file on my Nokia 770.

The .opera file on someone’s Sony Mylo.

Descriptions for ini sections for the desktop version of Opera are here.

It’s the little things!

It seems that Google Reader recently changed their UI to show the number of unread items in a feed when you mouse over it in the feed list. That’s great news! Now I can uninstall the greasemonkey script I wrote to fix this myself. Basically, the problem was that if the title of the feed was too long, the unread number would get pushed out of the feed list pane.

Opera Mini – Now with a Feed Aggregator

Looks great! I upgraded the version on my phone and it kept my bookmarks (whew!). There doesn’t seem to be a way to import your feeds from an opml file, so that’s a bummer. More details from Arve.

Nintendo DS Browser (Opera)

My browser order from Play-Asia arrived today.

The video reviews from Joshua Zimmerman are accurate.  I don’t have much to add, so watch his videos for a more complete look.  Here are my thoughts:


  • The browser renders as well as you would expect if you have done any browsing on a modern PDA or really modern phone.


  • The page loading speed issue he mentions is pretty bad, but those of us who browse from our phones or PDAs already know that we have to pick and choose which sites we visit to avoid frustration.


  • Cookies, HTTP Authentication credentials and History are all forgotten when you turn off the DS.
  • Users cannot move around on the page while the browser is loading images.
  • The interface text is in Japanese, so some options are not readable.
  • You have to carry around the DS Browser card (as with any DS game) AND the memory expansion cartridge for the GBA slot.