Opera config files – comparing the 770 and the Mylo


  • I changed the user agent spoof – it was originally set to 3 – meaning Opera on the 770 by default pretends to be IE 6.
  • I’ve been using Opera for several days now and the settings may be quite different from the original opera.ini file. Other than the user agent, though, I haven’t directly edited this file.
  • The Mylo ini file is from an unknown source and may or may not be the default settings for that device.
  • I sorted the sections of the Mylo’s ini so that they were in basically the same order as the sections in my opera.ini to make comparisons easier. The unsorted version is here (original source) and here (backup).

The opera.ini file on my Nokia 770.

The .opera file on someone’s Sony Mylo.

Descriptions for ini sections for the desktop version of Opera are here.

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