Archive | April 2004

GBA Overclocking

Last year, I tried to overclock my GBA SP. I had some luck, but I removed the mod after a couple months because it was kind of finicky. Now, AheadGames is planning an overclock mod kit. That’s awesome. Sounds like they plan to allow you to switch the thing on and off. I hope they provide multiple speeds!!

New Wifi-Finder

This one isn’t confused by microwaves!!

Battlefield: Vietnam

I never played the first game in the series or any of its mods, but I am loving Battlefield: Vietnam. The doppler effect you get when someone in a huey or a jeep is listening to one of the many soundtrack songs makes the game more immersive than any other multiplayer game I’ve played.

I’ve been reading the chopper school and this map intel page is pretty cool. Guides, guides, guides.