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Trying to remap the buttons on my eo Tablet PC/UMPC

So, Windows XP for Tablet PCs has a control panel for editing what it calls the ‘Tablet Buttons’.

On the eo, these buttons default to Right Mouse Button, Left Mouse Button, Up Cursor, Down Cursor, Left Cursor, Right Cursor, Enter, Launch “ProgramLauncher.exe”, Hide/Show TIP, Page Up, Page Down, Settings, Resolution, Volume Up, Volume Down.

I want to have a variety of configurations for these buttons. For instance, I might want the volume buttons to be space and backspace when doing a lot of editing. At work, I like to have one of the buttons mapped to OneNote for easy access to that app.

My thought was that I could make the changes in the control panel for my first configuration, export that portion of the registry, make the changes for the second configuration, refresh regedit, export again, and so on. Then, I could double click on the reg files I created to switch to the appropriate configuration.

That works, to an extent. The registry entries are easy to export. The reg files correctly update the registry when double clicked. Opening the control panel shows that the changes are listed. Unfortunately, the driver has cached the settings and won’t refresh how it uses the buttons unless you make a change in the TabletButtons control panel and hit OK or Apply.

The settings are stored in a binary key in the registry at this location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\TabletPC\ButtonMaps

Also, you can restart drivers with devcon.exe from Microsoft, but the button driver won’t process disable or restart requests. ACPI\AmtekLifeStylePCButtons is the driver id for use with devcon.

Penny-Arcade and the ESRB!

Looks like the team at Penny-Arcade are working on a gamer-focused ESRB campaign.  This will lend a lot of cred to the ESRB rating system.  Exciting!!

Richard at OrigamiCar on using a TabletKiosk eo UMPC in a car

Richard hasn’t made any more progress on the OrigamiCar application, but he has some tips on using an eo in your car.

He doesn’t like using MS Streets and Trips in the car, and I have to agree. It’s a very clumsy interface to use while also steering, etc.  I may try the iNav iGuidance product he mentions.