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ReaderMini Update

I have a few changes planned for the next release, but I haven’t had any time to finish them up. March will be less busy, so expect the next release on, say, 3/15/07. Planned features for that release include:

  • A “next” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen that you can use to rapidly skim your unread items and mark them read.
  • The ‘subscribe to feed’ feature.

ReaderMini Video

Jonathan Greene recently made a video of ReaderMini running on an N800. It’s cool to see how another user interacts with it! .9.3 – New Feature: Flag for Followup

This was a very easy change to make, but one I’ve been wanting to make for a long time.

Changes in Release .9.3 – 1/19/07

  • New Feature! Items can now be flagged for followup. To view items flagged this way, click the View Items for Followup button in the feed list. In Google Reader, scroll to the bottom of your feed list and click on the ‘followup’ label. in the news!

Looks like people have been trying ReaderMini and have some great feedback.

Adam Pash of LifeHacker welcomes the improvement ReaderMini is over the official Google Reader Mobile app, Jason Clarke of DownloadSquad says it works great in Opera on Pocket PCs, Kevin Tofel of JKOnTheRun likes ReaderMini’s footprint on the 7 inch UMPC screen size.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of constructive criticism, too. ReaderMini requires Ajax, so PocketIE apparently doesn’t work. It doesn’t work on the SideKick 3 either. On my todo list is making a version that looks like does now, but requires no Javascript. That’s a lot of work, though, so if you really want it, leave me feedback here.