.9.3 – New Feature: Flag for Followup

This was a very easy change to make, but one I’ve been wanting to make for a long time.

Changes in Release .9.3 – 1/19/07

  • New Feature! Items can now be flagged for followup. To view items flagged this way, click the View Items for Followup button in the feed list. In Google Reader, scroll to the bottom of your feed list and click on the ‘followup’ label.

4 responses to “ .9.3 – New Feature: Flag for Followup”

  1. Roy Terry says :

    Looks like great software John. I just started trying out google reader and I always need to read news, why not on my cell phone?

  2. Mitch says :

    When I go to on my tmobile blackberry 8700g using either the blackberry or opera mini browsers. it says “Loading…” and never goes beyond that. I tried refreshing and that doesn’t help either? Any ideas what’s happening?


  3. mathew says :

    Are you going to release Reader Mini as open source ever?

  4. Levi Wallach says :

    Hey John, I found your app and this page searching for alternatives to Google’s mobile interface to Google Reader, but it seems the domain that hosted your app doesn’t exist anymore. Is this a dead product? Thanks!

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