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LittleBigPlanet – new videos

Great new LittleBigPlanet video: GameSpot interview/demo.

I’d embed it, but you really owe it to yourself to go watch the HD version.

Mango Tandori Chicken Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen

Had this for lunch yesterday. It’s awesome.

Grilled Tandoori chicken, mango, mild onions, red peppers and Mozzarella cheese on a SPICY Golden Curry sauce. Topped with fresh cilantro and a sweet mango chili sauce.

Open more than 8 Safari windows on your iPhone

Just noticed this trick by accident!

Safari on the iPhone normally limits you to 8 windows. This limit is not enforced if you open a url from another app when Safari is not running in the background.


1. Open 8 windows.

2. Hold the square button until Safari disappears (10 seconds). This shuts down the Safari process.

3. Go to Weather and press the Y! icon in the lower left. This will open a new Safari window even if you are over the limit.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 as often as you like to create more windows.

Stuck it on Digg.

iPhone Dev

I’ve been playing around with the iPhone toolchain. The first project I’m working on is something I need (an Exchange client), but I’d like to make something fun afterwards. For inspiration, I’ve been looking at the old Nokia Concept Videos.

Living in the Future

Dave Winer NAILED IT!

“This is one of those rare moments, when something works, and now my use of computers reaches a plateau that makes total sense. I call this feeling Living In The Future. It’s the nicest feeling technology can deliver, and it’s one important reason I like playing with these toys.”

I’ve never put a label on the feeling and I’m glad there is a name now! It’s probably the common thread that binds my interests in hardware, software, gadgets, games and even the feeds I read.

It’s the feeling I get when I realize how different my life is now with Wikipedia at my fingertips.

On a recent trip to Arizona, I felt it whenever I pulled out my iPhone to search for the nearest X, Y or Z store and called it or got directions.

This morning, it happened when I watched my 2 year old my son, Charlie, flip through songs on his MP3 player.

Every time an email from a social network reminds me of someone’s birthday or I flip through product reviews on NewEgg or I find a particularly juicy piece of news in an RSS reader or I play a game that pushes the envelope, I get that AHA! moment.

Thanks, Dave, for that insightful post (and your repeated contributions to everyone else’s ‘Living in the Future’ moments)!

FYI, I took the liberty of creating a Living in the Future Facebook group (Dave, say the word and I’ll transfer ownership to you).