Open more than 8 Safari windows on your iPhone

Just noticed this trick by accident!

Safari on the iPhone normally limits you to 8 windows. This limit is not enforced if you open a url from another app when Safari is not running in the background.


1. Open 8 windows.

2. Hold the square button until Safari disappears (10 seconds). This shuts down the Safari process.

3. Go to Weather and press the Y! icon in the lower left. This will open a new Safari window even if you are over the limit.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 as often as you like to create more windows.

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One response to “Open more than 8 Safari windows on your iPhone”

  1. Jr says :

    Doesn’t seem to work on 3g devices. When square is held for 2 sec it activates voice control, and holding it longer has no other effect. Any idea how to either disable voice control or shut down safari process in another way?

    Thanks for the post tho, it gives me hope that more than eight is possible 🙂

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