Archive | March 2007

Portable Rhapsody

Real just released a Rhapsody client for the N800 Internet Tablet from Nokia. I’ve played with it a little and the sound quality is great. The UI is also fast and comfortable. For additional positive comments, check out Jonathan Greene’s take.

Here is some constructive feedback for Real and Nokia:

  • Nokia: Please support BT PAN for the N800. Then I could listen to Rhapsody’s streaming music away from WIFI using my phone’s connection.
  • Real: Please support downloading of music on the N800 client so I can seamlessly go from listening to content at my desk to listening to content in my car.
  • Nokia: Please support BT A2DP so I can listen to Rhapsody on my N800 with my stereo bluetooth headphones.

HDR Photography

Gordon put up this awesome photo (actually 3 photos merged together with an $80 High Dynamic Range photo stitcher) of the lot behind the local Best Buy. WOW!

LittleBigPlanet: I guess I always knew I’d EVENTUALLY need to buy a PS3.

Update: The top video is the complete, uncut demo with commentary:

Software for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

Places to look for third party N800 applications are popping up everywhere. ThoughtFix has an Editor’s Choice post in the works (nominations here), Jonathan Greene has an all-maemo blog starting up, and Nokia has a new directory for N800 and 770 apps.

The next month or so will also see some official releases. Better support for online video is coming from Nokia, Navicore should be releasing a navigation kit soon and Skype will be launched.

I’m looking forward to more reasons to use my N800 out and about. The Nav bundle, in particular, is going to be handy.

UMPCPortal is live!

Steve just launched UMPCPortal, combining his work from and the great community site OrigamiPortal that he recently acquired. It’s now a one-stop-shop for UMPC specs and news.

I helped him out a little with the UMPC Comparison section (an upgrade to his already awesome UMPC product info database), so check that out during your visit – and bookmark it! I expect it will be really useful during next week’s CeBit as the UMPC news rolls in. For an example of the great treatment and extensive descriptions his portal gives to individual UMPCs, check out this page about the Samsung Q2.

You can read more about the launch here.