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So I tried to leave New Orleans today at 12:30 pm but after 4 hours of driving I had only made it 15 miles. I was alone and tired so I decided the safe play was to return. It’s kind of sad when the ‘safe play’ is to go back and wait to be pounded by the gnashing fury of a Category 5 hurricane.

Be safe, Ernie.


Lucas, on the official “The Weather Channel” blog is worried about his dad and his grandmother, in the path of Katrina.

“Go to a shelter! Get out of there!” I pleaded on an early morning phone call. She said she’d consider it, but I’m doubtful. Likewise, my 72-year-old father, a lifelong Morgan City, La., resident, was also slow to make evacuation plans despite my urging.

A9, Google Maps

(as seen on Make) Finally, someone integrated A9 Street-Level Photos and Google Maps. Of course, Google will be adding their own street level photos soon enough.