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Dave Winer and New Orleans

No doubt stemming from Dave’s excellent posts and podcasts from NO recently, desparoz On The Go had this 2006 prediction to make:

Dave Winer will move to New Orleans to lead the battle to rebuild. He will move on somewhere else after his ideas for open source levees are first laughed at, then commercialised by someone else.

God, that would be insanely cool. It’s the kind of thing Dave would have the balls (and the heart) to do.

Homestead Technologies – Katrina Relief

Justin sent this message to our customers today.  I hope everyone affected by the disasters will have a safe(and HAPPY) holiday season.

Dear John,I’m writing to share some exciting news with you regarding Homestead’s Katrina Relief fundraising efforts. Together with the rest of the Homestead community and the Homestead Foundation, your kindness and generosity has helped raise over $50,000 to ease the pain and suffering of countless families displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

We are deeply touched by how many of our valued members rallied together almost instantaneously to help in this time of dire need. Within minutes of posting the donor form on the Homestead website, there was an outpouring of support from the Homestead community, not only through much-needed financial contributions, but also through a flood of heartfelt posts expressing thoughts and prayers for all those affected by this disaster. Thousands of you placed the Katrina Relief Element on your site, multiplying the reach of our community of members. We also received dozens of submissions from businesses in the affected areas, and we have linked to several that would appreciate your support over the holidays.

Due to the massive destruction of the Gulf Coast region and the extended needs of families trying to rebuild their lives, Homestead has decided to continue our relief efforts through December 31, 2005. As we enter the holiday season, if you are able, please help us reach our goal of raising $100,000 by the end of this year. Most of the acute disaster relief efforts have ended in the Gulf Region, but the Herculean rebuilding effort is tasked to the multitude of under funded local and government agencies that the Katrina Relief Fund was created to support.

You can donate directly to the Homestead Katrina Relief Fund by clicking this link. The Homestead Foundation will match every dollar donated by our customers, their families, and their customers, up to $50,000. The Homestead foundation and the PCF Katrina Relief fund are 501(c)3 organizations and all donations are tax deductible.

On behalf of everybody in the Homestead family, thank you for your continued support, and have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

Justin Kitch


Homestead Technologies


Dave Prochnow, writing about a trip on the highway in the wake of Katrina:

So off we went. Getting to the highway involved doing things that you would NEVER EVER do with kids in a car—driving off the road, driving through people’s yards, and driving over power lines. Yes, we had to drive over power lines. Luckily at least one of them was dead—that was the one that just touched our roof antenna. Gulp. Finally, on the highway, it was social chaos. People jostling for gasoline, cars stalled on the road everywhere, and people walking around dazed. It was an Irwin Allen “disaster” movie, only we were in it.

Katrina – Businesses Affected, Donation Matching

Homestead is matching donations(up to $50,000) to The Greater New Orleans Foundation, Baton Rouge Area Foundation, The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, Community Foundation of Sarasota County, and Community Foundation of Greater Jackson that are made through this link. It started out with just friends, family and customers, but we decided to open it up to everyone. At times like these, I’m glad I’m at a company that cares.

Also, we are trying to build up a list of small businesses and organization with websites who were affected by Katrina that could benefit from some traffic. If you know of anyone who meets that criteria please let us know via that page.