Dave Winer and New Orleans

No doubt stemming from Dave’s excellent posts and podcasts from NO recently, desparoz On The Go had this 2006 prediction to make:

Dave Winer will move to New Orleans to lead the battle to rebuild. He will move on somewhere else after his ideas for open source levees are first laughed at, then commercialised by someone else.

God, that would be insanely cool. It’s the kind of thing Dave would have the balls (and the heart) to do.

3 responses to “Dave Winer and New Orleans”

  1. Des Paroz says :

    Hi John. I agree that Dave would have those characteristics. The first half of my prediction I stand by – I really do believe that Dave has been enormously touched by NOLA. The second half, well, thats Dave!

  2. jtokash says :

    Des, your list is pretty solid – it rings of truth. 2006 is going to be nuts.

  3. Des Paroz says :

    Cheers John. It’ll be interesting to look back in a year and see!

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