More updates to my Frames theme in Gregarius theme gives the user two scrollable areas, one for the feeds and one for the items. The scroll position of the feeds list is remembered after clicks and refreshes(using a cookie).


1.5: Added an orange background. Added ‘hide feeds with no unread items’ feature.

1.6: Based on feedback in IRC(cskiadas,Sebulba,kdz13,sameerd,mbi) I made a TON of cosmetic changes.

1.7:Sameerd showed me how to link to the media directory of my theme for the bgimage.

1.8:Fixed another path bug. Added FirefoxGirl image to balance the colors. Since sidebar collapser doesn’t work with my theme, I added my own Hide Channels button next to the Hide Header and Hide Empty Feeds buttons. Added a link requesting information about the origins of the FirefoxGirl image, so I can ask the author for permission. Updated the Themes Repository Screenshot.

Older versions of the theme are archived in the same directory as the current

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