Today we’re launching!

Ever wonder why there hasn’t been a place to learn about a wide variety of topics in a fun, helpful, distraction-free environment where learners and teachers can collaborate?  A place where teachers can earn some money sharing their expertise on everything from Parkour to Locker Hooking to Spicy Pork?  We couldn’t find a place like that, so we built Curious.

In the past year, we built a marketplace, a wonderful way to build and play lessons and (most importantly) a ton of relationships with some really great teachers.  

On a personal note, I’m having a blast! We’re building a product and service that I love to use. I’m surrounded by incredibly talented, driven people – like the Lesson Wranglers who scouted, onboarded and edited more than 500 high quality lessons from more than 100 teachers. And it’s a pleasure to be working on something that will help a LOT of people.

Thai and Justin shared their thoughts this morning and I agree with them 100% that this team is astounding and it’s hard to imagine work being any more awesome!

If you want to learn more about what we’re doing check out the NY Times, Techcrunch or the sweet launch video at And, of course, go learn something fun!

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