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Jason Calacanis on Google in China

About Google/China.  I don’t think Google is being a Bad Guy.  Jason goes a few steps further and argues that Google is being a GOOD Guy.  Hmmmm…  The official Google blog tells Google’s side:

We’re in this for the long haul. In the years to come, we’ll be making significant and growing investments in China. Our launch of, though filtered, is a necessary first step toward achieving a productive presence in a rapidly changing country that will be one of the world’s most important and dynamic for decades to come. To some people, a hard compromise may not feel as satisfying as a withdrawal on principle, but we believe it’s the best way to work toward the results we all desire.

More on the purpose of Reading Lists

I’d like FeedLounge and Gregarius to support Reading Lists.  The key is that feeds will drop in and out of a given reading list transparently.  I can understand some of the technical difficulties.  What if your aggregator only understands that a user is either subscribed to a feed or he is not.  What if a feed can only belong to one folder?  I don’t think that stuff matters.  Reading Lists are here to stay, so the backend needs to support them.  Dave explains, yet again, why they are important in this post.

Feed Reset

FYI, I just caused a feed reset.  If you are seeing a lot of unread items from my blog in your aggregator, it’s my fault.  Sorry, won’t happen again!

New theme – Phoenixtheme

My blog has a new theme!  I hope you like it!  The Phoenixtheme look was created by David Peralty.