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iPhone Twitter App Comparison Chart

Here is a report card / eye chart I put together to compare the 5 leading iPhone Twitter clients. Enjoy! Please leave a comment if I’ve made a mistake in any of the rows. Click on the thumbnail to open the full comparison chart.

My current favorite is Tweetie. TwitterFon is the best free option (and the only open source option). Twittelator is the only app with sub group support.

iPhone Twitter App Comparison Chart

UPDATE 1/16/2009: Updated the chart to include the latest version of each app.

UPDATE 1/18/2009: Reading a tweet by Steve Birney, I realize I need to add offline functionality to the chart. [DONE]

UPDATE: 1/19/2009: Note to self – add Dave Winer’s link format to the list of features.

UPDATE: 1/21/2009: Added several new rows, corrected some inaccuracies.


If you follow this blog in a feed reader, you may want to subscribe to my twitter feed, too. That’s where I’m doing most of my posting now.

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New Blog / Old Blog

I moved my blog. It is now hosted by Same url, though, so almost everything should work the same as it used to (including the feed).

Images in most posts are broken. I can think of a few ways to fix that, but I might not bother.

The theme I was using isn’t supported on I’ll customize that later.

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-05

  • Email in my inbox tonight that does not mention the election feels out of touch. #

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