Archive | October 2005

Leapfrog Fly Pen – FlyStrips = homebrew code?!

In the most recent issue of Wired magazine, I read that the Fly can run code that is read in by swiping the tip of the pen(and, of course, the camera) accross a patterned strip. They call it a FlyStrip. I’m guessing it’s much like the E-Reader code for the GBA. I wonder if they’ll release the tools for writing FlyStrip code…..

Oblivion Delayed?!

I just read a rumor on TeamXBox’s forums that Elder Scrolls: Oblivion will be delayed until 2006.

Not good, not good. That was one of my top picks for the 360 launch window.

Tokobot and Lumines

Tokobot is the second game that makes me want to buy a PSP. Get a dozen more games that could be called innovative and I’ll plunk down the dollars.

On the DS front, I haven’t been playing lately. The Gameboy Micro had my attention for a couple of months and since then I’ve been spending a lot of time with the iPod Video(almost done watching all of Smallville’s first season). I’ll return to the DS when Mario Kart comes out on 11/14/05 and then dive right in to the XBox 360.

I should cancel World of Warcraft.