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Win a Nokia N810 Internet Tablet!

TabletBlog is running a contest: The best response to ThoughtFix’s video will win one of Nokia’s new N810 Internet Tablets. Entries are due by 11/16, so HURRY! Reggie, Jonathan, ThoughtFix and I will be judging.

Connectivity Issues

So. As I noted earlier, the Nokia N800 can’t communicate with the Cingular/Samsung Blackjack because the N800 doesn’t support Bluetooth PAN and the Blackjack doesn’t support Bluetooth DUN. Meanwhile, my Vista laptop also can’t connect to the Blackjack because it doesn’t recognize the Blackjack’s PAN implementation.

6 Questions from ThoughtFix

ThoughtFix’s latest post at TabletBlog is getting a huge response. He asked 6 Nokia Internet Tablet-related questions of his readers and has 21 well thought out responses so far. Excellent!

Portable Rhapsody

Real just released a Rhapsody client for the N800 Internet Tablet from Nokia. I’ve played with it a little and the sound quality is great. The UI is also fast and comfortable. For additional positive comments, check out Jonathan Greene’s take.

Here is some constructive feedback for Real and Nokia:

  • Nokia: Please support BT PAN for the N800. Then I could listen to Rhapsody’s streaming music away from WIFI using my phone’s connection.
  • Real: Please support downloading of music on the N800 client so I can seamlessly go from listening to content at my desk to listening to content in my car.
  • Nokia: Please support BT A2DP so I can listen to Rhapsody on my N800 with my stereo bluetooth headphones.