Connectivity Issues

So. As I noted earlier, the Nokia N800 can’t communicate with the Cingular/Samsung Blackjack because the N800 doesn’t support Bluetooth PAN and the Blackjack doesn’t support Bluetooth DUN. Meanwhile, my Vista laptop also can’t connect to the Blackjack because it doesn’t recognize the Blackjack’s PAN implementation.

5 responses to “Connectivity Issues”

  1. Jonathan Greene says :

    I’d expect Vista to work with PAN since it’s an all MS loop… oh right, guess that’s why it does not work. sorry man – that sucks!

    Have you tried PDANet? That should work for the laptop…

  2. John Tokash says :

    I’ve tried PDANet and USBModem, but neither worked for me. There may be some user error here as I’m not 100% sure how these programs work.

  3. Jack Ford says :

    I use USB Modem to connect by PPC6700 to my N800. Works like a champ. $20.00.

  4. Martin Cernak says :

    I’m having similar problem when I try to connect my Blackberry 8800 (tried also BB8700 but did’nt work either) with N800 over BT DUN. I keep getting the “remote server error” all the time.

    When I tRied Moto BT phones and Treo 650 – everything worrked fine.

    Anyone any idEa how to make it work?

    Thank you! mc

  5. John Tokash says :

    Still can’t connect my n800 to my BlackJack over bluetooth, but I did manage to fix my Vista issue by installing the Toshiba bluetooth drivers on my Inspiron.

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