Software for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

Places to look for third party N800 applications are popping up everywhere. ThoughtFix has an Editor’s Choice post in the works (nominations here), Jonathan Greene has an all-maemo blog starting up, and Nokia has a new directory for N800 and 770 apps.

The next month or so will also see some official releases. Better support for online video is coming from Nokia, Navicore should be releasing a navigation kit soon and Skype will be launched.

I’m looking forward to more reasons to use my N800 out and about. The Nav bundle, in particular, is going to be handy.

5 responses to “Software for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet”

  1. alan says :

    Thanks for pointing me towards the software John.

    I have installed VNC onto the n800 and i think i am in love!!! It has opened up the device to me.

    Their inbuilt email software is very disappointing. The IMAP support cannot view folders. That is a major oversight.

  2. james wilson says :

    how do you down load the software on to the n800.

    lost please help

  3. cindy says :

    How can I load zcalendar or any calendar program on the n800? Also, is there a good note taking program? Thank you

  4. Gatis says :

    i forgot my security code and i want unlock it

  5. a.khan says :

    how can I get Text to speech Software Installed on N800

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