Living in the Future

Dave Winer NAILED IT!

“This is one of those rare moments, when something works, and now my use of computers reaches a plateau that makes total sense. I call this feeling Living In The Future. It’s the nicest feeling technology can deliver, and it’s one important reason I like playing with these toys.”

I’ve never put a label on the feeling and I’m glad there is a name now! It’s probably the common thread that binds my interests in hardware, software, gadgets, games and even the feeds I read.

It’s the feeling I get when I realize how different my life is now with Wikipedia at my fingertips.

On a recent trip to Arizona, I felt it whenever I pulled out my iPhone to search for the nearest X, Y or Z store and called it or got directions.

This morning, it happened when I watched my 2 year old my son, Charlie, flip through songs on his MP3 player.

Every time an email from a social network reminds me of someone’s birthday or I flip through product reviews on NewEgg or I find a particularly juicy piece of news in an RSS reader or I play a game that pushes the envelope, I get that AHA! moment.

Thanks, Dave, for that insightful post (and your repeated contributions to everyone else’s ‘Living in the Future’ moments)!

FYI, I took the liberty of creating a Living in the Future Facebook group (Dave, say the word and I’ll transfer ownership to you).

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