Four Great Nokia Concept Videos

RingNokia pointed the way to these excellent videos. I’ve reordered them, here, to show my favorite first and my least favorite last. The other two are a toss up. Keep in mind that these videos were shown at a Nokia conference months before the iPhone was revealed. Also check out this new multitouch video.

Direct link to video

Direct link to video

Direct link to video

Direct link to video

4 responses to “Four Great Nokia Concept Videos”

  1. Dan Sanders says :

    It looks to me as if people in the “future” are never supposed to do anything requiring more than three words. They also spend a lot of time with still pictures. They day my grandma has a catalog of that many people, each categorized and with a digital photo, is the day I believe.

    Then again, the devices seem to know what the user wants magically…

    I guess that was really hoping for was a look in to how new technologies can actually help get work done more efficiently.

  2. Dan Sanders says :

    I did see one cool thing in the multi-touch video, though. At 2:50, it looked almost like he was operating a two-level menu with both hands.

    A quick review shows that one hand was actually rotating the 3D environment, but operating a two- or three-level menu with both hands does look very efficient.

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