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Changes in Release .9.2 – 1/17/07

  • Refresh Feed List button is back.
  • Removed some words from the footer to make more room. “connections:” became “ajax:”.
  • Various skin improvements.
  • Get Next Page is now at the top and bottom of all feeds.
  • Get Next Page works for starred, shared items.
  • Get Next Page works for category river feeds.
  • Show unread only may work for starred and shared feeds. Let me know. 🙂 version .91

Who says Google Reader doesn’t work on the Nokia 770 and n800 Internet Tablets? Check out the latest version of my unofficial Google Reader front end,

Changes in Release .9.1 – 1/14/07

  • Text in feed list now lines up better.
  • Brand new theme!
  • Button locations have changed.
  • No more (0) if a feed is stale.
  • Bold text has been removed from the feed list.
  • Fix: Hide/Show stale feeds now works again.
  • Added rudimentary AJAX progress indicator to several buttons.
  • Changed the icons for a few buttons – checkboxes everywhere!
  • Fixed: Links from posts in category river views now work.
  • FAQs, Credits added.
  • Added a “Get Next Page” button. Works sometimes (normal feeds), but not others (starred items, shared items feeds, category feeds).

Jonathan Greene on ReaderMini

John Tokash … has replicated a very close desktop experience for the mobile browser in ReaderMini. It works very well over both EDGE data and WiFi and has really enabled a very slick experience without limits. John’s been putting in some late nights, taking all my feedback (gotta love that) and released quite a few updates in very short order.

Jon, thanks for the kind words. The excellent feedback you provide on a regular basis has helped shaped ReaderMini’s functionality and UI.

Stay tuned for more updates. The next major milestone is a skin that looks nice!! – New Version for all you Google Reader fans on the run!

ReaderMini is coming along nicely. It’s a Feed Reading front end for Google Reader, using the Google Reader API. It’s built primariy for use on small internet tablets (like the Nokia 770 and n800). Here are the changes that went live tonight:

Changes in Release .9 – 1/9/07

  • ReaderMini is now secure (HTTPS / SSL) on the production url ( Also, the app will force you to use HTTPS. is not HTTPS.
  • Categories of feeds can be collapsed/expanded.
  • Expand all, Collapse all
  • Titlebar now contains current feed name.
  • Fixed: links now open in a new window.
  • Fixed: Apostrophes no longer block feed loading.
  • Click a category’s river (right most) button to see all posts for feeds in that category.
  • Changed the ‘open connections’ Ajax indicator from images to text.

Check it out!!

New Version of ReaderMini Up!

ReaderMini, my faster, stronger, better front end to Google Reader is now a zillion times faster at startup. Loading an account with 600 feeds is now just a few seconds on a desktop machine and less than 15 seconds on a Nokia 770 or Nokia n800 Internet Tablet. AWESOME!

For more news on ReaderMini, check here.