version .91

Who says Google Reader doesn’t work on the Nokia 770 and n800 Internet Tablets? Check out the latest version of my unofficial Google Reader front end,

Changes in Release .9.1 – 1/14/07

  • Text in feed list now lines up better.
  • Brand new theme!
  • Button locations have changed.
  • No more (0) if a feed is stale.
  • Bold text has been removed from the feed list.
  • Fix: Hide/Show stale feeds now works again.
  • Added rudimentary AJAX progress indicator to several buttons.
  • Changed the icons for a few buttons – checkboxes everywhere!
  • Fixed: Links from posts in category river views now work.
  • FAQs, Credits added.
  • Added a “Get Next Page” button. Works sometimes (normal feeds), but not others (starred items, shared items feeds, category feeds).

One response to “ version .91”

  1. Paulo Pires says :

    Very nice indeed! It’s not that I am suspicious about the “possible” use of my data, but it would be better if such information could be transparently accessed through Google API, as you already pointed out in

    Anyway, tks for the time you’ve spent doing it!



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