Nokia N800 Review – by ThoughtFix!

ThoughtFix once again delights us – this time with a thorough review of the N800 Internet Tablet. I agree with most of what he says. His conclusion matches my feelings, exactly: “The Nokia N800 delivers the best Internet experience available in a pocketable form without breaking the bank.” Seriously.

I do wish he spent some time extolling the virtues of the built in media player and the soon to be released Canola media player (which is awesome on the 770). I imagine that’s coming in a later post!!

I disagree with his assessment that Google Reader works fine. With a small number of feeds, it’s apparently not bad, but the more you have the slower it is. If you want to use Google Reader on the Internet Tablets, you can use, but I wish Google had optimized their code, instead, so we wouldn’t need workarounds like that.

Update: Two more great reviews (via RingNokia): InternetTabletTalk has a multi-video review. Mobile Burn forums has a lengthy review, too.

One response to “Nokia N800 Review – by ThoughtFix!”

  1. Mark Chubb says :

    I am inclined to agree with John as i have used this google is not the best coding they should optimize it a little more to give us better quality but other than that you cannot dismiss the fact that the N800 is stunning and works well.

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