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Looks like people have been trying ReaderMini and have some great feedback.

Adam Pash of LifeHacker welcomes the improvement ReaderMini is over the official Google Reader Mobile app, Jason Clarke of DownloadSquad says it works great in Opera on Pocket PCs, Kevin Tofel of JKOnTheRun likes ReaderMini’s footprint on the 7 inch UMPC screen size.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of constructive criticism, too. ReaderMini requires Ajax, so PocketIE apparently doesn’t work. It doesn’t work on the SideKick 3 either. On my todo list is making a version that looks like does now, but requires no Javascript. That’s a lot of work, though, so if you really want it, leave me feedback here.

7 responses to “ in the news!”

  1. propstm says :


    It was good meeting you @ the CES keynote chat.

    readermini looks good to me, I’ll need to try it out later tonight!


  2. Gordon says :

    Looks like you reached the front page of digg! Way to go. 🙂

  3. thadk says :

    Any thoughts on making the source available?

  4. five|5ths says :

    This is just what i needed. Especially when i get the iphone. Great work.

  5. CJ Millisock says :

    I would love a version for PocketIE.

    Also, how did you build this. . . . with Niall Kennedy’s Google Reader API, or with an official API from Google that I’m unable to find?

  6. John Tokash says :

    CJ, Niall’s post was really helpful as a starting point. Beyond that, I used a lot of http inspection, using the Fiddler proxy and Firebug.

  7. Jason Clarke says :

    I’d love a version with no Javascript that worked in PocketIE!

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