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Google Introduces Roaming Profiles for Firefox!!! Google Browser Sync!!

This is fantastic news! Finally the browsers on my home desktop, my work notebook and my eo UMPC can all share the same bookmarks, history, cookies and (gulp) saved passwords, synchronized in REAL TIME!   AND this extension will make dual booting a lot less stressful. Download here.

As a bonus nice touch, when you switch to another machine and boot Firefox, the extension gives you a dialog asking which tabs you’d like to open – tabs from your last session on the previous machine.

I can’t wait to read all the nay sayers: “this feature should have been available from the start” and “Google definitely knows too much about me NOW”.

For a Firefox power user like me, this is HUGE news!

After some quick tests, it looks like it works like a charm!

LifeHacker has two articles of great coverage.

Opera Browser for the Nintendo DS

This is huge news!  I saw all the links marked “Web Browser for the DS”, but I didn’t notice that Opera is building it!  YES!  LionMarine suggests that it might also require a gba cartridge for a RAM upgrade.

Opera Mini – Usability: The CLOCK!!!

I’ve been using Opera Mini for a while now on my Razr v3 and the clock at the bottom has been a real life saver. Sansblog agrees.

Opera Mini for J2ME/MIDP devices is available in the US again!

I’ve been using an old version on my Razr because Opera ‘region-locked’ Opera mini long ago. Now, they are opening it back up! Maybe they’ll support AJAX, soon, too!

Update: Installed.  Looks great!

Feature Request for Firefox

Background, first: In XP, windows from the same application show up as one item in the task bar.  When you click that item, a popup list appears with buttons for each of the app’s windows.  These buttons are labelled with the title of the appropriate window.

Feature Request: When a Firefox window is not focused, I’d like Firefox to change that window’s title to be a summary of the tabs in that window.  That way, when I bring up the list of windows for Firefox from the Windows XP taskbar, I’ll have a better idea of which window has the tab I’m looking for.