Google Introduces Roaming Profiles for Firefox!!! Google Browser Sync!!

This is fantastic news! Finally the browsers on my home desktop, my work notebook and my eo UMPC can all share the same bookmarks, history, cookies and (gulp) saved passwords, synchronized in REAL TIME!   AND this extension will make dual booting a lot less stressful. Download here.

As a bonus nice touch, when you switch to another machine and boot Firefox, the extension gives you a dialog asking which tabs you’d like to open – tabs from your last session on the previous machine.

I can’t wait to read all the nay sayers: “this feature should have been available from the start” and “Google definitely knows too much about me NOW”.

For a Firefox power user like me, this is HUGE news!

After some quick tests, it looks like it works like a charm!

LifeHacker has two articles of great coverage.

2 responses to “Google Introduces Roaming Profiles for Firefox!!! Google Browser Sync!!”

  1. Joshua Weinberg says :

    Thanks for the tip…. but it also just made two copies of just about every one of my bookmarks!

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