Nintendo DS Browser (Opera)

My browser order from Play-Asia arrived today.

The video reviews from Joshua Zimmerman are accurate.  I don’t have much to add, so watch his videos for a more complete look.  Here are my thoughts:


  • The browser renders as well as you would expect if you have done any browsing on a modern PDA or really modern phone.


  • The page loading speed issue he mentions is pretty bad, but those of us who browse from our phones or PDAs already know that we have to pick and choose which sites we visit to avoid frustration.


  • Cookies, HTTP Authentication credentials and History are all forgotten when you turn off the DS.
  • Users cannot move around on the page while the browser is loading images.
  • The interface text is in Japanese, so some options are not readable.
  • You have to carry around the DS Browser card (as with any DS game) AND the memory expansion cartridge for the GBA slot.

3 responses to “Nintendo DS Browser (Opera)”

  1. Jeff says :

    But the question is, is it Homestead compatible? Only joking.

  2. John Tokash says :

    Pages created with Homestead SiteBuilder and SiteBuilder Lite work well in the DS Browser. Of course, it’s always best to test your site at lots of different resolutions (or at least the resolutions your customers/visitors are likely to use).

  3. Mohammed says :

    Thanks sooo muchhhhh John for your NDS browser review! I like to browse when I am not at home using a handheld so i was about to buy NDS with the browser from yes asia, First I was about to by NDS, and I was so concerned if play-asia is great, >__

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