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Here are the iPhone apps I currently have installed and my thoughts on them. Note: I delete apps that I’ve tried and have decided not to use.

Bottom Bar:




Safari (Web Browser)

Page 1:


Tweetsvile: I like this better than the others (Twitterrific, Twittelator, Twinkle) mainly because it automatically downloads a lot more tweets than the others. I rely on that functionality because I usually only check twitter 3 times per week. A nice feature addition would be to track which tweet I last read and start me there when the app opens. Haven’t played much with Tweetie, yet, but I hear that’s also a great app.

fring: I haven’t used this, yet, but I hear it’s a great multi-IM-protocol chat application.



Web shortcut to Google Reader Mobile




Google Mobile

Yelp: I love this app.

Stocks: This app would be much more useful if it updated in the background.

Wikipanion: Best of the Wikiperia browser apps.

PCalc: Bought this mostly for the paper tape functionality. Very handy to look at past calculations.



Page 2:

Things: Great TODO app. The pairing / syncing feature is well designed – syncs with Things on my MacBook.

iTalk: Cool voice recorder app. I would use voice recording on the iPhone much more if there was a button on the phone that triggered it. Perhaps Apple could let us choose which app to load when a user double clicks the home button.


WordPress: Haven’t posted much from the road. But maybe.

ShoZu: Another app that I haven’t really used. The promise is that it integrates with Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, WordPress, etc.


Shazam: Very handy for telling you what song you just heard on the radio.




Web shortcut to Flickr Mobile

App Store


Ocarina: The globe browser is a very nice touch.

TatomicLite: Similar to lumines in a lot of ways. Like lumines, though, I wish it became difficult faster.

Word Warp: Fun word game. Wish the words were clickable and could show you each word’s definition.

Page 3:

Doppler: Best offline browser for Google Reader on the iPhone.

Deliveries: Track FedEx, UPS, etc.

Jaadu: VNC client. Takes a little time to get used to the interface, but otherwise excellent.

FileMagnet: Don’t use this much. Could be useful for file transfers and reading docs on the go. Typically, I use email for those tasks, so I haven’t given FileMagnet a solid try.


OpenTable: Haven’t had a need to use this. It came out earlier this week.


WebMD: Just in case.

Phone Aid: First Aid. Just in case.

Web Shortcut to iGoogle: Never use this. Might delete it.

Cor.kz: Wine ratings/reviews. I get an error every time I try to use this app. Will probably delete it soon.

FieldRunners: Fun tower-defense game.

GasBag: Gas prices locally.

Dual Level: Mine is not calibrated correctly, but will be useful next time I hang something.

Cube: Tech demo. s’ok.

Frenzic: Extremely difficult game. Though, I might be playing it wrong.

Page 4:

Web Shortcut to Fuelly: I’m behind on entering my mileage. Might need to start from scratch.

Stanza: Nice ebook reader. Since the colors are configurable, you don’t need to stare at black on white.

Geocaching: Haven’t used this much, but felt the need to pick it up.


Colors: Generates color schemes based on photographs. It’s fun. Really.

TideGraph: Beth and the kids like to go tidepooling.

Google Earth: Overkill.

IGN Reviews: GameRankings and IGN’s site are not iPhone friendly. This app takes you right to the meat.

Firewall: Another tower-defense game.

Toy Bot 2, touchPhysics, JellyCar – games I thought I’d like but don’t. Yet.

Exposure: Cool Flickr app. Lately, though, Flickr Mobile is just right for me.

BigOven: A recipe app. Haven’t used it, yet.

SnapTell: Take a picture of a box and SnapTell will tell you about the product inside. It recognized my Fable II box.

Page 5:

Bloom: Surreal music generator. Charlie likes it.

Strategic Assault: Rough around the edges, but a decent alpha attempt at an RTS.

Galcon Lite: Fun game.





Gas Cubby

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