Introducing Aggregator Watch!

AggCompare is moving along (slowly) and it’s time to start collecting feedback and contributors for its sister site, AggWatch. While AggCompare is a place for the community to document the specs of the current crop of Feed Readers, AggWatch is intended to be a place where posts from passionate Aggregator users are collected.

For now, my inspiration is Planet Solaris. My goal would be to have a similar weight given to the individual contributors. Discussion would not happen on AggWatch, but on individual contributors’ blogs, unless the contributors request otherwise.

If you think your blog is a good fit for AggWatch, please submit it to this form.

I also encourage Aggregator creators to submit news feeds for their products. News from the application providers will appear in a sidebar.

As always, please feel free to discuss ideas and concerns about AggWatch in the comments section of this post or in the form on the AggWatch page if you desire privacy.

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