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Business Card Best Practices from Scoble

I don’t revisit business cards often, but I carry a few with me. 2 of them are Robert’s – his Braille version and the one that seems to be made of an alien black rubber material. So, when he gives advice about business cards, I listen.

By the way, here’s my latest card. The quote is from a customer of ours. SiteBuilder had a nasty bug when run on his computer and noone else’s. Took us a while to find the problem, but Greg Campbell found the solution and made the customer happy!

Update: Garret Dimon’s business card is awesome.

Physics For Organizing Your Desktop

This physics and stylus-based prototype for organizing icons on your desktop looks fantastic. “There will be a downloadable executable of the prototype released on this page shortly.” I’m looking forward to running this on my eo, even if it is just a prototype.

VW Fast

I love the VW Fast commercials.

Wasps Who Pilot Roaches

JWZ discusses a kind of wasp that can subvert the will of roaches and drive them into its nest.  Holy cow.