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SketchUp is Free!


Google just announced that they are releasing a limited version of SketchUp for free!  Meanwhile, you can visit the 3D Warehouse to find everyone else’s (geographically-tagged) creations.

SketchUp is really easy to use.  I suggest watching a few of the videos to get started and then dive right in.  I made a Sonic Screwdriver 3D model in a few hours last month.

The AJAX Experience Isn’t Full?!?!

This data is a little old, I guess, but according to a post on 4/10/06, the AJAX Experience conference (held by in SF, CA, US) is only half full – 250 attendees. Wow! If you are in the area on May 10th-12th, I suggest you check out this speaker list and agenda. I’m talking major, major, major leaders in the Rich-Javascript and AJAX field.

Here’s why I bought my ticket last month. Presenters include: The creators of Ajax, Javascript, JSON, Dojo, Zimbra,, TIBCO GI, MochiKit, Greasemonkey, prototype. Big thinkers from Yahoo, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, SUN, 37 Signals. The authors of Ajax in Action, Webwork in Action, Pragmatic Ajax, Head Rush Ajax.

TabletKiosk eo UMPC Shortage

I ordered super-early, so I don’t expect that this will impact my order. My fingers are crossed, though, just in case.

“TabletKiosk eo UMPC Shortage” news at OrigamiPortal.

After speaking with Martin from TabletKiosk, I feel a little reassured.  Those who pre-ordered as soon as the units were announced are probably OK.  Meanwhile, I appreciate that TabletKiosk and AllTP have been incredibly forthcoming with information during these past several weeks.  Then, in the face of this nasty first-run production issue, they immediately reached out to their customers with as much data as possible.  Sounds like good business (or maybe they’ve been reading Robert and Shel’s book).

I’m also glad to see the community cheering them on rather than complaining: GottaBeMobile says “Kudos to TabletKiosk”UMPC Buzz says “Good for TabletKiosk for making sure the UMPCs work before shipping.”, Life on the Wicked Stage says “Kudos to TabletKiosk for valuing quality and communication with their customers.”.  And there is a similar wave of warm feelings on the forums (here and here, for instance).