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links for 2006-10-13

  • “Reuters is reporting discovery of radioactive snails in the area where three hydrogen bombs were lost by US in the 1966. The radioactive creatures crawl up from underground, where authorities suspect deposits of uranium and plutonium may be located.”

I love Google Reader, too.

I haven’t visited my Gregarius install in days – I feel like a traitor, but Reader is too well done! As Scoble says, Google Reader is getting really good. They do need to add: reorder feeds with drag and drop, easily post to my blog with a linked quote from Google Reader items and easily push an item to (all shared items, actually).

I’ve started using the sharing key. Here are my shared items: page, feed. I would like to add a blurb for each shared item, but that’s not a huge issue.

The library clips blog explained the ‘next bookmarklet’ more clearly than Google Reader’s help. “Another amazing feature is the Next bookmarklet, drag this to your links bar…whenever you are on the web and want to read new items on your Google Reader, you don’t even have to launch it. Just click “next” and that brings you to the native blog post of your newest unread item, then click next again, and again…reading your unread posts, like turning pages of a book (NOTE: these posts are automatically marked as read).” OK – I’ve GOT to try THAT!

I’ll have to add some new items to the list of features at AggCompare. For instance, clipping, nextNative. Also, AgileRSS just added a news ticker feature, so I’ll add that for comparison.