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Battlefield 2142 – Player Profiles. Too much information?

EA just launched a portal for viewing your and other players’ Battlefield 2142 stats (including unlocks and rank). Stats for my soldier, BadWolfOne, can be seen at this link. Currently, BadWolfOne is a Master Seargent Gold. I unlocked both recon trees, most of general and I have 2 unused unlocks.

The progress section is a little over the top, though. There, graphs will show you that my ‘kills per minute’ and ‘deaths per minute’ are both climbing at the same rate. Navigating the 20+ pages of the details section will show you that my preferred weapon is the Lambert Carbine.

All this information is great for learning from your competition, but where is the website badge made popular by XBoxLive so I can have my stats in a little box on my blog?

Update: On a side note, the Total Battlefield 2142 forums are full of tons of useful information. This ‘little secrets’ thread, for instance.

Catching up after a busy October!

October has been busy. I’ve kept a list of things to write about, but there hasn’t been much time to do so. Rather than keep the list to myself, here’s a quick preview of each topic.

  • At Homestead, we suffered a major outage. Websites were still available, but customers couldn’t edit for many hours. It was by far the worst outage we’ve had. And we’re really sorry! Justin has several informative posts on the topic, including this one. Thanks to all of our customers for understanding and thanks to everyone I work with for the incredible teamwork involved in getting things back in order (especially you, Sangeeta!).
  • My new computer is still performing well. Battlefield 2142 is great!
  • The Logitech MX Revolution mouse I bought this month is great, but I’m unhappy that the thumbwheel isn’t in any way an analog mechanism.
  • A few of us were on a business trip this weekend. I like my LG CU320 phone in general, but I’m getting really annoyed with it’s limited email capabilities.
  • My sister and brother in law just adopted a child named Zander from Korea. I can’t wait to meet him!
  • My son loves the Coldplay episode of Austin City Limits.