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The rumors for tomorrow’s Apple event have been swirling for a few weeks, as they do before most Apple events.

Normally, I’m not sure whether or not to believe the rumors the day before, but today I’m really excited. The rumors, especially the new nano, the wireless/touchscreen ipod video, and the wireless itunes music store all seem like they are due.

Meanwhile, I’m really hoping for a software update for the iPhone (EXCHANGE PUSH, PLEASE).

Sony Rolly

The wait has just begun. We saw the first (viral) video of it last week.

The wait is almost over. Word has it that there is a Rolly release party in Japan on the 10th.

So what is it? A Wii for music? The new (tiny) Aibo platform? I’ll try to remain objective, but I’m loving it. The speaker caps controlled by solenoids (or servos or electromagnets), the speakers, the rgb strips, the dual independent wheels and the potential for robot choreography are all pretty slick.

Great so far…

I’m halfway through Bioshock on the PC (widescreenmod!) and William Gibson’s new book, Spook Country. Both are great so far.

I’m also really enjoying this season of Eureka!

iPhone Accelerometer Code

As I mentioned in the comments over here, getting UIKit to give your app Accelerometer data is pretty straightforward. Here’s my sample code that combines the accelerometer howto from the standard iphone hello world app and Erica’s slider howto.

Note: Kroo from IRC warns that this technique will only work if the app is launched from launcher or the springboard.

Also: Drunknbass found that you may have to restart springboard before it will work.

And: Check out Erling’s code if you want a faster sample rate.

Sony Rolly

Updated: New, full length commercial. Switched the embedded video.

Thanks, everyone, for pointing me to the Rolly. Yes, you are right. It will be impossible for me to resist purchasing a Rolly. Let’s hope it’s hackable!

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