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Doctor Who: Christmas Invasion

As a bridge between Season 1 and Season 2 of the new Doctor Who series(seasons 28 and 29 in the big picture), the BBC made a Christmas Special.  It’s outstanding.  On top of a great episode, they threw in scenes from the Season 2(29).  Cybermen, Sarah Jane Smith, K-frickin-9.  Merry Christmas!!!

Too much information…


I guess I shouldn’t be mad. I was looking for answers and found a tell-all description of the season finale of Doctor Who.

What’s insane is that it all but confirms one of the craziest ideas on this page – about Davros!

Update: More spoilers/speculation. adric_ on IRC pointed me there.

And, now, someone says that an entry in IMDB was forged – which could invalidate some of the speculation… I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Sonic Screwdriver Replicas

More links regarding the new Sonic Screwdriver prop and replicas.

I’ve added more images to the collection of 9th Doctor(Christopher Eccleston) Sonic Screwdriver photos page.
The Replica Prop Forum(RPF) has a thread about the prop.
Henriks is working on a replica(6, actually).
And Henriks has photos of a replica made by Paul Doe.